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Royal Blue Blue/Cream

Traditional Royal Blue livery

A model in this livery was produced by EFE (number 32304), details from or Buy it on ebay.
  Southern National Bristol RELH/ECW coach HDV624E
Photo copyright: Carl Berry 

Details of the above livery, as applied to Bristol RELH/ECW coaches.

The list below only includes pictures taken when the vehicles were in service, to include pictures of preserved vehicles as well click here.

Photos on the Internet

All links to photos shown below are to other Internet sites, all photos will be the copyright of their respective owners.
There may be other photos on the Internet that I cannot show the links for. See 'Useful sites for finding pictures' on the links page.
** = Black and white photo, otherwise colour.

   Registration Owner Date Location Photo copyright Photo link
 OTA645G Morris (Bromyard Bus Company)    John Hembry Click Here 
 LDV847F Crowther (Classic Coaches)    den664185 Click Here 
 LDV847F Crowther (Classic Coaches)    Steve Thorpe Click Here 
 LDV847F Crowther (Classic Coaches)  28 Aug 1995 Aylesbury Oxford Chiltern Bus Page Click Here 
 LDV847F Crowther (Classic Coaches)  15 Oct 1995 Lydney Carl Berry Click here for photograph of LDV847F 
 LDV847F Crowther (Classic Coaches)  13 Jul 1996  den664185 Click Here 
 LDV847F Crowther (Classic Coaches)  22 Jun 1997 Quainton Road Oxford Chiltern Bus Page Click Here 
 LDV847F Crowther (Classic Coaches)  22 Jun 1997 Winslow Oxford Chiltern Bus Page Click Here 
 OTA632G North Worcestershire Road Cars   Wythall AJA118 Click Here 
 OTA632G North Worcestershire Road Cars  May 1982  Steve Guess Click Here 
 OTA632G North Worcestershire Road Cars  11 Aug 1984 Wythall tipperman Click Here 
 OTA632G North Worcestershire Road Cars  Apr 1985 Manchester Ian Tompkins Click Here 
 RDV419H Whitehead (Pioneer)   Middleton Sloop Jon B Click Here 
 RDV419H Whitehead (Pioneer)  30 Apr 1996 Manchester SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 RDV419H Whitehead (Pioneer)  25 Jun 1996 Manchester PS Bus Driver Click Here 
 ATA105B Southern National 2363  London Alwyn Ladell Click Here 
 LDV466F Southern National 1456   Previously listed on eBay   
 LDV850F Southern National 2378  London Ken Steley Click Here 
 LDV850F Southern National 2378   Ron McCullock Click Here 
 OTA640G Southern National 2380  London Alan Snatt Click Here 
 OTA641G Southern National 2381 Jun 1969 Newcastle under Lyme SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 RDV419H Southern National (1983) 1468 1993 Bournemouth pwgb Click Here 
 RDV424H Walesford International Travel  2 May 1986 St Austell pyewacket947 Click Here 
 393TUO Western National 2355 Aug 1969 Exeter return2layerroad Click Here 
 837SUO Western National 2351  London Alwyn Ladell Click Here 
 ATA102B Western National 2358  Exeter Alwyn Ladell Click Here 
 ATA102B Western National 2358 Oct 1969 London Rick2E Click Here 
 ATA103B Western National 2359 Oct 1969 London Rick2E Click Here 
 HDV643E Western National 2368 1968 London 500clt Click Here 
 LDV466F Western National 1456 5 Dec 1970  Carl Berry Click here for photograph of LDV466F 
 LDV469F Western National 1451 1969 Exeter 21c101 Click Here 
 LDV844F Western National 2372 Aug 1969 London Rick2E Click Here 
 LDV844F Western National 2372 Oct 1969 London Rick2E Click Here 
     Rick2E Click Here 
 OTA637G Western National 1465   Alwyn Ladell Click Here 
 OTA645G Western National 2385 Sep 1970 London rossendalian2013 Click Here 
 RDV414H Western National 2388 Mar 1970 London Grahame Wareham Click Here 
     Grahame Wareham Click Here 
 RDV414H Western National 2388 Sep 1972 Rochdale Spoddendale Click Here 
 RDV415H Western National 2389  Plymouth Alwyn Ladell Click Here 
 RDV415H Western National 2389 Mar 1972 Oxford Grahame Wareham Click Here 
     Grahame Wareham Click Here 
 RDV416H Western National 2390   Alwyn Ladell Click Here 
 RDV427H Western National 1476 Nov 1970 Salisbury David Mant Click Here 
**841SUO Southern National 2361   Previously listed on eBay   
**ATA105B Southern National 2363 10 Apr 1969 Bournemouth Mike Street Click Here 
**HDV625E Southern National 2366 Jul 1968 London Edward Busst Click Here 
**LDV465F Southern National 1455   Previously listed on eBay   
**LDV467F Southern National 1457 7 Jul 1968 Weymouth Rob Sly's site Click Here 
**OTA632G Southern National 1460   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
**OTA633G Southern National 1461  Plymouth Ken Steley Click Here 
**OTA642G Southern National 2382   Previously listed on eBay   
**RDV424H Walford    Previously listed on eBay   
**393TUO Western National 2355   Showbus Click Here 
**393TUO Western National 2355  Exeter Ken Steley Click Here 
**394TUO Western National 2356  London lenmidgham Click Here 
**394TUO Western National 2356  London lenmidgham Click Here 
**837SUO Western National 2351   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
**837SUO Western National 2351  London Ken Steley Click Here 
**837SUO Western National 2351 21 May 1964 London SCT'61 Website Click Here 
**837SUO Western National 2351 11 Aug 1964 London SCT'61 Website Click Here 
**837SUO Western National 2351 1967 Bournemouth Barney Staples Click Here 
**ATA101B Western National 2357  Paignton Ken Steley Click Here 
**ATA103B Western National 2359  London Ken Steley Click Here 
**HDV624E Western National 2365  London Ken Steley Click Here 
**HDV643E Western National 2368   Previously listed on eBay   
**HDV644E Western National 2369  Exeter Ken Steley Click Here 
**HDV644E Western National 2369  Newmarket Ken Steley Click Here 
**HDV644E Western National 2369  Brighton Ken Steley Click Here 
**HDV644E Western National 2369  London Ken Steley Click Here 
**HDV645E Western National 2370  Newmarket Ken Steley Click Here 
**HDV645E Western National 2370  Newmarket Ken Steley Click Here 
**LDV471F Western National 1453   Ken Steley Click Here 
**LDV472F Western National 1454  London Ken Steley Click Here 
**LDV472F Western National 1454  Liverpool Chris Roberts Click Here 
**LDV843F Western National 2371  London Ken Steley Click Here 
**LDV848F Western National 2376  Camborne West of England HOTT Click Here 
**OTA635G Western National 1463   Previously listed on eBay   
**OTA636G Western National 1464   Previously listed on eBay   
**OTA638G Western National 1466 Jul 1969  500clt Click Here 
**OTA640G Western National 2380  Brighton Ken Steley Click Here 
**OTA640G Western National 2380  London Ken Steley Click Here 
**OTA640G Western National 2380  London Ken Steley Click Here 
**OTA641G Western National 2381
   On hire to Yelloway 
19 Sep 1970 Rochdale Spoddendale Click Here 
**OTA643G Western National 2383 10 Apr 1969 Bournemouth Mike Street Click Here 
**RDV413H Western National 2387
   On hire to Yelloway 
19 Sep 1970 Rochdale Spoddendale Click Here 
**RDV415H Western National 2389  London Ken Steley Click Here 
**RDV416H Western National 2390 10 Aug 1970  Previously listed on eBay   
**RDV417H Western National 2391  London Previously listed on eBay   

Photo in books/magazines

For pictures in books click on the copyright link for more information.
** = Black and white photo, otherwise colour.

   Registration Owner Date Location Photo copyright Book link
 LDV847F Crowther (Classic Coaches)  Jul 1995 Whitchurch Book-Buses Focus Magazine   
 LDV847F Crowther (Classic Coaches)  Jul 1995 Tring Book-Buses Focus Magazine   
 LDV847F Crowther (Classic Coaches)  Apr 2000 High Wycombe Book-B&C Preservation mag.   
 ATA105B Southern National 2363  Farnham Book-Royal Blue Days  Buy Book 
 HDV624E Southern National 2365 Mar 1969 Yeovil Book-Royal Blue Days  Buy Book 
 LDV849F Southern National 2377 May 1968 Lowerstoft Book-Bristol Lodekka  Buy Book 
 RDV419H Southern National (1983) 1468   Book-Buses Magazine   
 838SUO Western National 2352  London Book-South West 1970  Buy Book 
 839SUO Western National 2353 2 Aug 1970 Yeovil Book-Royal Blue Days  Buy Book 
 840SUO Western National 2354 Aug 1970 Plymouth Book-Classic Bus magazine   
 ATA105B Western National 2363  London Book-Glory - Royal Blue  Buy Book 
 HDV625E Western National 2366 Jul 1970 Exeter Book-Glory - Royal Blue  Buy Book 
 LDV466F Western National 1456 4 Nov 1970 Weymouth Book-Royal Blue Days  Buy Book 
 LDV472F Western National 1454   Book-South West 1970  Buy Book 
 OTA637G Western National 1465 12 Jul 1970 Exeter Book-Royal Blue Days  Buy Book 
 OTA639G Western National 2379  Bournemouth Book-Glory - Royal Blue  Buy Book 
 RDV427H Western National 1476 12 Jul 1970 Exeter Book-Royal Blue Days  Buy Book 
 RDV431H Western National 1480 2 Jun 1970 Weymouth Book-Royal Blue Days  Buy Book 
**OTA632G North Worcestershire Road Cars    Book-Buses Magazine   
**OTA630G Southern National 1458  Lowerstoft Book-ECW 1965  Buy Book 
**RDV419H Southern National (1983) 1468 14 May 1994 Taunton Book-Glory - Royal Blue  Buy Book 
**394TUO Western National 2356  London Book-Ken Steley   
**837SUO Western National 2351 Dec 1966 London Book-Years before National   
**839SUO Western National 2353   Book-ECW  Buy Book 
**840SUO Western National 2354 Jul 1964 London Book-BBusC SW England   
**ATA104B Western National 2360  Plymouth Book-Buses Extra Magazine   
**ATA104B Western National 2360  Exeter Book-PSV Circle Chassis List   
**LDV468F Western National 1450   Book-Royal Blue Days  Buy Book 
**LDV468F Western National 1450 Jun 1968 Exeter Book-Buses Magazine   
**OTA644G Western National 2384 Oct 1970 Winchester Book-NBC Album  Buy Book 
**RDV413H Western National 2387 Mar 1971 Oxford Book-NBC Album  Buy Book 
**RDV420H Western National 1469 Jul 1972 Salisbury Book-Bus Monographs 5  Buy Book 
**RDV421H Western National 1470
   ECW Official photograph 
Mar 1970 Lowerstoft Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
**RDV421H Western National 1470   Book-Source Passenger Vehicles   
**RDV424H Western National 1473 May 1970 Newbury Book-NBC Album  Buy Book 
**RDV428H Western National 1477 Dec 1970 Yeovil Book-Buses in Camera SW   

RELH/ECW coaches that have carried this livery

The list below only covers those that were delivered in this livery, or that I know have carried this livery. There are likely to have been others as well.

Sort list by Chassis Number, Body Style, Disposal Date Fleet Number, Build Date, or Registration
Those shown in bold have photographs available.

Registration Chassis NumberOriginal Owner Number BuiltScrapped
837SUO212.061 Western National 2351 May 1964 Vehicle still in existence 
838SUO212.065 Western National 2352 Jun 1964 1 Oct 1982 
839SUO212.066 Western National 2353 Jun 1964 Jun 1982 
840SUO212.067 Western National 2354 Jun 1964 Jul 1977 
841SUO212.064 Southern National 2361 Jun 1964 Jun 1988 
842SUO212.070 Southern National 2362 Jun 1964 Mar 1980 
393TUO212.076 Western National 2355 Jun 1964 Jan 1980 
394TUO212.077 Western National 2356 Jun 1964 Dec 1985 
ATA101B212.088 Western National 2357 Jul 1964 15 Sep 1979 
ATA102B212.089 Western National 2358 Jul 1964 1 Mar 1984 
ATA103B212.094 Western National 2359 Jul 1964 Dec 1979 
ATA104B212.095 Western National 2360 Jul 1964 Dec 1985 
ATA105B212.080 Southern National 2363 Jul 1964 Mar 1984 
ATA106B212.081 Southern National 2364 Jul 1964 Oct 1983 
HDV624E238.044 Southern National 2365 Mar 1967 Vehicle still in existence 
HDV625E238.045 Southern National 2366 Mar 1967 2 Apr 1981 
HDV642E238.046 Western National 2367 Mar 1967 1996 
HDV643E238.047 Western National 2368 Mar 1967 Jul 1988 
HDV644E238.048 Western National 2369 Mar 1967 1 Apr 2011 
HDV645E238.049 Western National 2370 Mar 1967 Jun 1991 
LDV465FRELH-4-130 Southern National 1455 Feb 1968 1 Aug 1984 
LDV466FRELH-4-131 Southern National 1456 Feb 1968 Aug 1980 
LDV467FRELH-4-132 Southern National 1457 Dec 1967 Vehicle still in existence 
LDV468FRELH-4-133 Western National 1450 Feb 1968 Sep 1980 
LDV469FRELH-4-134 Western National 1451 Feb 1968 12 Dec 2000 
LDV470FRELH-4-135 Western National 1452 Feb 1968 Aug 1980 
LDV471FRELH-4-136 Western National 1453 Feb 1968 Feb 1980 
LDV472FRELH-4-137 Western National 1454 May 1968 15 Jan 1980 
LDV843FRELH-4-163 Western National 2371 May 1968 Aug 1980 
LDV844FRELH-4-164 Western National 2372 Jun 1968 Aug 1980 
LDV845FRELH-4-165 Western National 2373 Jun 1968 Aug 1980 
LDV846FRELH-4-166 Western National 2374 Jun 1968 20 Jul 1984 
LDV847FRELH-4-159 Southern National 2375 Mar 1968 Vehicle still in existence 
LDV848FRELH-4-160 Southern National 2376 Apr 1968 Aug 1980 
LDV849FRELH-4-161 Southern National 2377 May 1968 Sep 1982 
LDV850FRELH-4-162 Southern National 2378 May 1968 Feb 1983 
OTA630GRELH-4-199 Southern National 1458 Mar 1969 22 Mar 1989 
OTA631GRELH-4-200 Southern National 1459 Mar 1969 1 Sep 1988 
OTA632GRELH-4-201 Southern National 1460 Mar 1969 Vehicle still in existence 
OTA633GRELH-4-202 Southern National 1461 Mar 1969 Aug 1980 
OTA634GRELH-4-216 Western National 1462 Apr 1969 Oct 1982 
OTA635GRELH-4-217 Western National 1463 Apr 1969 13 Sep 1980 
OTA636GRELH-4-224 Western National 1464 Apr 1969 Apr 1985 
OTA637GRELH-4-225 Western National 1465 Apr 1969 Dec 1982 
OTA638GRELH-4-226 Western National 1466 Apr 1969 May 1980 
OTA639GRELH-4-207 Southern National 2379 Mar 1969 9 Feb 1992 
OTA640GRELH-4-208 Southern National 2380 Mar 1969 Vehicle still in existence 
OTA641GRELH-4-209 Southern National 2381 Mar 1969 25 Jul 1976 
OTA642GRELH-4-210 Southern National 2382 Mar 1969 3 Aug 1983 
OTA643GRELH-4-203 Western National 2383 Apr 1969 Aug 1980 
OTA644GRELH-4-204 Western National 2384 Apr 1969 Aug 1980 
OTA645GRELH-4-205 Western National 2385 Apr 1969 Vehicle still in existence 
OTA646GRELH-4-206 Western National 2386 Apr 1969 Aug 1980 
RDV413HRELH-4-260 Western National 2387 Mar 1970 Aug 1990 
RDV414HRELH-4-261 Western National 2388 Mar 1970 Dec 1990 
RDV415HRELH-4-262 Western National 2389 Mar 1970 Jan 1980 
RDV416HRELH-4-263 Western National 2390 Mar 1970 Jun 1980 
RDV417HRELH-4-264 Western National 2391 Mar 1970 Jan 1980 
RDV418HRELH-4-265 Western National 1467 Mar 1970 Sep 1980 
RDV419HRELH-4-266 Western National 1468 Mar 1970 Vehicle still in existence 
RDV420HRELH-4-267 Western National 1469 Mar 1970 Oct 1987 
RDV421HRELH-4-272 Western National 1470 Mar 1970 1 Jan 2011 
RDV422HRELH-4-273 Western National 1471 Mar 1970 Dec 1982 
RDV423HRELH-4-274 Western National 1472 Apr 1970 Vehicle still in existence 
RDV424HRELH-4-279 Western National 1473 Apr 1970 Apr 2001 
RDV425HRELH-4-280 Western National 1474 Apr 1970 Oct 1982 
RDV426HRELH-4-281 Western National 1475 Apr 1970 Aug 1980 
RDV427HRELH-4-282 Western National 1476 May 1970 May 2005 
RDV428HRELH-4-283 Western National 1477 May 1970 Vehicle still in existence 
RDV429HRELH-4-284 Western National 1478 May 1970 2 Mar 1984 
RDV430HRELH-4-287 Western National 1479 May 1970 May 1984 
RDV431HRELH-4-288 Western National 1480 May 1970 Jan 1984 
RDV432HRELH-4-289 Western National 1481 Jun 1970 Jul 1984 
RDV433HRELH-4-290 Western National 1482 Jun 1970 Vehicle still in existence 
RDV434HRELH-4-291 Western National 1483 Jun 1970 Aug 1980 

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